Vydrotech is a Green Technology company that designs, develops and manufactures Hydrogen Enhanced Fuel Systems for commercial diesel engines in the Trucking, Bus and Marine industries.  Our state of the art  H2GO system yields the following benefits:


  • Increased Fuel Efficiency: The H2GO unit increase fuel efficiency by 10% to 30% depending on application and environment. This reduces operating costs which improves the operator’s profits in very tough economic times with rising fuel costs and operational expenses.
  • Eco-Friendly: The H2GO system provides a positive impact on the environment by reducing emissions such as NOx consistent with current and future environmental mandates.
  • Quick ROI: With the high costs of fuel and the improved fuel efficiency provided by the H2GO has a very short payback period when compared to other capital expenditures. Secondly, using our No Out of Pocket Operating or Capital leases, you can use the monthly savings to fund the capital purchase. Please refer to the ROI tab for more information.